How A Deceased Estates Lawyer Will Help Settle Your Estate

Posted on: 16 March 2021

Deceased estates lawyers are a crucial aspect of estate planning. Other than helping you write a will, the lawyer will also help settle your estate after you die. Here is how a deceased estate lawyer can help settle your estate. 


More often than not, the executor will need the lawyer's help when filing for probate. For instance, the lawyer will ensure that the notice of intention to apply for the grant of probate meets the minimum legal requirements. For example, it must disclose whether the executor will use the original will or a copy of the will. If the original will cannot be traced, the lawyer will produce an affidavit to allow the executor to use a copy of the will. Further, the lawyer will help the executor prove that the testator did not intend to destroy or revoke the will. The lawyer will also help the executor file essential documents such as the probate form kit and summons. 

Once the executor receives the grant of probate, the lawyer will help them pay estate debts and taxes. Besides, the lawyer will assist beneficiaries to sell assets or transfer them to their names. 

Estate Management

A deceased estates lawyer can help manage your estate on behalf of the various beneficiaries. What happens when you opt to place some of your assets in a trust but cannot find an appropriate trustee? In such cases, you could opt to appoint the lawyer as the trustee to your estate. It would be wise to conduct some background research to ascertain that the lawyer has worked on estate management cases before. Besides, inquire how much the lawyer will charge to manage the estate. 

Wills Disputes

The lawyer can help prevent wills disputes. For example, they will explain the terms of the will to beneficiaries to help avoid contradictions. The lawyer will also explain the consequences of disputing the will. For instance, there are cases when a dispute could negatively affect the assets allocated to each beneficiary. Besides, some will disputes could take years to resolve. In some cases, the lawyer will help the beneficiaries draft out of court agreements on how they want to share the estate. 

When hiring the deceased estate lawyer, check the online reviews to ensure that the lawyer delivers quality work. Preferably, consider lawyers who are ready to create long term relationships with their clients and their families. As a rule, your lawyer should have a professional liability insurance cover. For more information, contact a company like P J Griffin & Co.


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