How To Make A Car Accident Claim

Posted on: 18 August 2020

Car accidents are every driver's nightmare. It is especially so since most drivers do not have an idea of how to process car accident claims. The truth is, most insurance companies have a simple claims process. Below is a guide on how to handle a car accident claim.

Contact the insurance company or your insurance broker immediately the accident occurs. Most insurance companies will ask you not to accept blame. The company will also provide towing services to an accredited mechanic. You may or may not qualify for a courtesy vehicle before your vehicle gets repaired. Exchange contact information with the other driver. Take his or her name, insurance details and licence plate number. If someone was injured during the accident, report the incident to the nearest police station. This also applies if the other vehicle did not have valid insurance coverage.

The insurance company will send an adjuster to establish what caused the accident. He or she will need photos of the accident, statements from both drivers and witness statements to determine whether you were at fault. If you were not, the insurance company of the other driver will repair your vehicle (you qualify as a third party). If you caused the accident, the insurance company will repair the car you hit. The insurer will also fix your car if you had a comprehensive insurance cover. They will also offer compensation for personal property (such as phones or computers) damaged during the accident. Your cover could also cater for out-of-pocket expenses. As such, you must provide as many details as you can. Do not attempt to give false information. Otherwise, the company could penalise you by reducing your compensation.

Pedestrians and other road users who get injured during the accident should lodge a complaint with the insurance company. A personal injury lawyer will help them seek compensation. The lawyer will: 

  • Gather sufficient evidence to prove that the driver's negligence caused their injuries.
  • Assess their injuries to determine how much they should claim. Other than injuries, the lawyer could also seek compensation for lost wages, pain and suffering, disability and rehabilitation.
  • Negotiate with the insurer to ensure the plaintiff gets fair compensation.
  • If negotiations do not bear any fruit, the lawyer will take the case to court.

Making a car accident claim should be easy with the above tips. An experienced compensation lawyer will help you out with your claim. Most lawyers have a no win–no fee policy. As such, they will not ask for payments if they do not win the case. 

To learn more, contact a lawyer about car accident claims.


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