3 Areas a Commercial Lawyer Will Help You With

Posted on: 22 February 2017

Commercial lawyers are attorneys who have dedicated their legal speciality to business law. They help you negotiate contracts and review employment agreements among other things in the complex and dynamic world of business. Business law is a vast body of law designed to govern commercial relationships and business transactions. Since commercial law is a pretty general term, an understanding of the areas that a commercial lawyer works with will help you know when you need one. Therefore, here is a look at these areas:

Company Law

Commercial lawyers are relevant in company law in many perspectives. Company law concerns itself with corporate entities and other business organisations such as partnerships and associations. A commercial lawyer will help you with the formation of the company, registration and incorporation, liquidation of the firm, mergers and acquisitions when the firm buys another company and company tax issues.

The commercial attorneys approach the law in two perspectives. The first one is corporate law dealing with current government regulations that affect the firm through taxes, lines of business and incorporation. Secondly, they look at it from a corporate governance perspective with respect to the management and running of the company. The roles of the board of directors and management fall here.

Environment Law  

There is a thin line between business and environmental conservation. Most of the activities undertaken by business enterprises affect the environment in one way or another. From simple activities such as selling goods in polythene bags to complex manufacturing plants, all businesses must take measures to conserve the environment.

A commercial lawyer is the person you go to whenever your business is accused of infringing environmental regulations. They will also help you to draft legal frameworks that govern the environmental aspects of your business such as waste management and disposal.

Sale of Goods

Sale of goods is another area that commercial attorneys can help you with. Note that a contract or agreement to sell goods is legally binding and legal proceedings can arise out of that. If you do not do it properly, you can easily find yourself liable for things you had not anticipated just because some buyer or seller took advantage of a loophole in the agreement.

A commercial lawyer ensures that all your contracts and agreements to buy or sell goods are comprehensive, precise and secure. Any losses or liabilities that arise will be genuine and purely accidental, or rather circumstances you have no control over in your human capacity.


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Hello, my name is Jenny. I am happily married and have two kids. A few years ago, I started a company with my husband. At first, it was just the two of us working away from home, but as the business took off we had to think about hiring more staff. The company grew in size from 2 people to 4 people to 10 people. Once the number of staff reached double figures, I realised that I needed to make sure that I had legal paperwork and contracts in place so I could hire and fire staff if need be. We hired a lawyer to work with us so we could make sure our business was well within the law.